Italian AP

AP Italian Track - Level 3 w/audio CD
ISBN: 978-0-9786016-7-6

Bruna Petrarca Boyle


This Level 3 prep/lab manual contains:

  • 10 themed chapters ranging from Italian industries to Italian festivals to help students acquire cultural knowledge about Italy.
  • 80 practice exercises including Listening, Reading, Writing, Culture and Speaking.
  • Use of all tenses as an intermediate-level workbook.
  • Special vocabulary builders to increase knowledge base of themed topics and verbs used in the text.
  • An answer key for all exercises including six sample essays and suggested responses for Speaking exercises.
  • 128 pages, softcover
“A balanced presentation of all four aspects of foreign language learning. The AP Italian Track - Level 3 enables students at higher levels to master the finer points of the language. These are excellent tools in general for Italian language preparation.”
Chandra Harris, Ph.D.
Italian Instructor
University of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI